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Why do I need Website Hosting Services?

We are often asked this question. You built your website to display your products or services to the public. The whole purpose was to get your business out there where the world can view it and you could increase your sales, right? For this to happen, it needs to be on an internet accessible server available to the world 24/7.

Your personal computer isn't an internet accessible server. It allows you to access the internet, but others cannot access your home computer to view what you have on your hard drive. Nor would you want them to. We all have personal information on our personal computers that no one else should have access to.

With an internet accessible server you have "rented space" where you can place your website files, website images and point your domain name to so anyone accessing the internet from their home/office computers or laptops can view your web pages without having possible access to any personal information on your home computer. The fees for this server space varies depending on the amount of server space and incoming traffic bandwidth your site requires, if you need e-commerce capabilities, an SSL certificate and other site requirements depending on the type of website you have.

Anna's Web Services has a variety of choices in Website Hosting Services. Our basic non-ecommerce packages are listed below. If you have any questions or need information please fill out our "Contact Us" form and a representative of Anna's Web Services will contact you.

Features: $10.00/mo. $15.95/mo $23.95/mo $35.95/mo.
Storage Space 100 Megs 200 Megs 300 Megs 400 Megs
Email Boxes 10 15 20 25
12GB of transfer per month. X X X X
Daily back-ups X X X X
24 Hour FTP access X X X X
24 Hour Technical support X X X X
24 Hour system monitoring X X X X
Web Stats X X X X
Anonymous FTP X X X X
Spam Assassin X X X X
Server Side Includes (SSI) on all pages that end with .shtm and .shtml X X X X
PHP 5.2.5 X X X X
mySQL 5.0.51 Database Support X X X X
Customizable Error Messages. X X X X



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