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Who should be the registered owner of your domain?

You should be.
Never allow a web designer or anyone else to register your domain under their name. We have had many clients come in wanting to build a website for their business only to find out that their domain is not theirs. The registered owner is the friend or other person they trusted to register their domain name.

What is hosting?

Your website needs a place to "live". The files that make up your website must be placed on an internet server so that it can be viewed by others. Space on this internet server is rented or leased usually on an annual or monthly basis.

Think of this as your home or apartment. You rent or buy your home and then you place your belongings into the home. After you are moved in, you invite your friends and family to come and visit. In terms of hosting, your home is the internet server, your furnishing are your internet files and your friends and family are your internet visitors. Both your home and your internet server are referenced by an address. The internet server uses what is called an "IP" address. When someone types in your domain name (www.yourdomain.com) the internet servers associate that name with an IP address and then send the visitor to that IP so they can see your site.

What email address should I use?

We all have several email addresses. When promoting your website, you should always have a email address associated with your domain (you@yourdomain.com). In doing so, you ensure that everyone visiting your site or emailing you will always remember your domain name and make it easier to find you in the future.

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